As a member of the Senate, he chaired several committees:  Consumer Affairs, Children and Youth, and Industry and Public Utilities.  As Chairman of Consumer Affairs, he sponsored, among a host of consumer-related bills, legislation requiring mortgage companies to pay interest on escrow accounts.

While serving as Chairman of Children and Youth, he authored a constitutional amendment (as well as the enabling legislation) establishing the Georgia Children’s Trust Fund to help address the issue of child abuse and neglect in Georgia.

As Chairman of Industry and Public Utilities, Senator Scott sponsored legislation to provide phone service to Georgia’s hearing impaired.  He authored legislation providing for county-wide toll free calling in Georgia, and improved highway truck safety.  He also sponsored legislation setting up the framework for including Plant Vogel in the rate base.

Senator Scott also served as Chairman of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus.

Georgia Labor Commissioner

Governor Zell Miller appointed Al Scott to the office of Labor Commissioner, making him the first African-American to ever hold a non-judicial Constitutional Office in Georgia.  There were no tax or premium increases to employers during his service as Labor Commissioner.

Working with business, labor leaders, and members of the legislature, Commissioner Scott secured passage of the first major revision to Georgia’s employment security law in its 50-year history.  The revised law treated all employers more fairly and cut red tape – which had been costly and time-consuming.  He also started the automation of all fifty-two offices throughout the state.

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Member of the Georgia House of Representatives

While serving in the Georgia House, Representative Scott sponsored the Truth in Taxation Law and the Automobile Insurance Rate Reform Legislation.  As a member of the House Reapportionment Committee, he drew the County Commission and School Board Districts, and they have remained relatively unchanged except for population shifts.  He went on to reapportion the City of Savannah into its current six districts configuration, while maintaining two at-large council seats.

Al Scott was also responsible for funding, through the Department of Natural Resources, the relocation of the King-Tisdell Cottage – saving it from being demolished.

Member of the Georgia Senate

When Al Scott was elected to the Georgia Senate, he became the first African-American elected to the Senate from Chatham County.

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